Senior Management

Our senior managment team is comprised of individuals that have impeccable credentials, tremendous industry experience and outstanding leadership abilities.  For our employees and owner/operators, this means they can count on them to listen to their concerns, welcome their ideas and lead in a way that will ensure substainability. For our clients, this means they can count on them to provide the absolute best service, along with ideas and programs that add value and streamline operations. Our team includes the following senior management:

Michael Burton
m 312-617-7470

Sean McShane 
Vice President – Operations
m 732-522-0543

Mike Malikowski 
Vice President – Southeast
m 404-550-1146

Art Gneuhs
Vice President – Midwest

Chris O’Hea
Vice Presdent of Maintenance & Operational Finance

Jim Hardy
Chief Financial Officer
t 773-229-2246

Peter Pace
Vice President – Sales
m 201-960-3159

Tammy Warn 
Vice President – Risk Management
t 773-229-2212

Drew McCullough 
Vice President – IT
t 904-269-4700 x110

Jennifer Nuyttens
Vice President – Human Resources
t 773-229-2237