VP of Strategy

A little bit about Anna

Anna is an integral part of the management team for C&K Trucking and Skyline Express. Anna defines the strategic direction for both respective companies. Whether it’s budgeting, evaluating acquisitions, or growing customer relationships, Anna’s involvement helps shape C&K.

Prior to joining C&K, Anna worked at Bank of America (formerly LaSalle Bank NA) where she worked in various departments doing analysis and advisement for real estate, middle market, and transportation entities.  Most recently, she was a Vice President in the bank’s specialized surface transportation team with a portfolio of trucking companies.  During that time, Anna developed a passion for trucking that carries through in her work at C&K.

Anna holds a B.S. in Management from Purdue University.   Anna is also President of the  Independence Park Advisory Council, a community organization focused on improving the neighborhood’s park and park programs.