AV Logistics provides innovative solutions to help you maximize supply chain efficiency.

AV Logistics provides the intermodal industry with a broad array of management services including drayage management, perdiem and demurrage management, and wholesale intermodal rail transportation. These services are designed to help companies compress the overall cycle time, lower overall transportation cost, maximize supply chain efficiency, and improve service dramatically. AV Logistics is committed to bringing innovative ideas that balance technology, resouces, and expertise to solve real world logistics issues.

Regardless of your needs, AV Logistics can provide ramp to ramp, door to door, or any combination you may need in addition to offering an alternative mode of transportation that will exceed your expectations. Intermodal is economical, flexible, and efficient. With a little advanced planning, Intermodal can meet delivery requirements at 20% to 25% cost savings. Intermodal is also the right environmental choice since trains are three times as fuel efficient as trucks.

AV Logistics Advantages